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The Last Psychiatrist: There Is No Link Between ADHD And Organophosphate Pesticides

The study purports to show some relationship between pesticides and ADHD.  But this is silly; a priori, pesticides at high enough doses disrupt cognitive function.  Duh? So what’s the point of the study?  Have they found that kids are getting exposed to much higher levels to pesticides than we ever thought?  Or that the pesticides are even more toxic than previously known?  No.  So?

The purpose isn’t to show that pesticides can cause ADHD; the purpose is to solidify in your mind that ADHD is real…

f I’ve lost you, think of it like this: if this study found not just correlation but causation– if the study proved that pesticides actually caused all of the symptoms that are detected by the ADHD inventory, then that isn’t ADHD, any more than psychosis caused by cocaine is the same as schizophrenia.  This would be pesticide poisoning.  And if you’re treating it with Adderall, you’re an idiot…

What do you think would happen if the NIMH paid astrophysicists to look into psychiatry? Ain’t never gonna find out, they have their own problems.  Specialization doesn’t mean I’m the best, it means stay off my lawn.

Since I/us/astrophysicists don’t have the resources to publish at all/as fast as Pediatrics or CNN, they get to decide what’s true.

The people who get paid to look at ADHD are all unanimously on the same side, that’s what conveys the illusion of objectivity.  Pretending to be divided pro- or anti-Pharma, or “dopamine hypothesis” vs. “noradrenergic hypothesis” makes it look like there’s a lot of vigorous debate, but debating what color is a ki-ran just means ki-rans are real…

So much of what you think you know, what you think is fact, is established not by the force of evidence but by the absence of resources for the opposition.

via The Last Psychiatrist: There Is No Link Between ADHD And Organophosphate Pesticides.

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