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The Last Psychiatrist: Why Parents Hate Parenting

When a person sees their life as a movie, that means they’re the main character and everyone else is merely supporting cast.  And when one of the extras– in this case, the kid– goes off script, she doesn’t just get upset, she has a full blown existential crisis…

It is at this point, only two paragraphs in, that it should have occurred to the writer that the reason “parents are unhappy” may not have anything to do with the kids.  That insight, however, most emphatically does not occur to her or anyone connected with the article.

Which is why it is accurate, though mysterious, to say that the reason parents are unhappy is these articles…

The issue is that she is a trim brunette with a bun, with glasses, with a look, whose relative perfection is being marred by the time burglar in the den.  The issue isn’tthe homework, the issue is her.  Trim brunette with glasses and a bun=put together mom who has it all, so why isn’t she happy?…

If the point is about getting the kid to do homework, what difference does it make how she looks or what she’s cooked?

It doesn’t.  But the writer cannot grasp this, because the main character in the movie is the mom, the story is about her.   Surely, how she looks must have some importance…

These popular press articles are more than bathroom reading, they are the template for how to think about these social issues…

These articles offer you the freedom to argue about the conclusions, but trick you into accepting the form of the argument.

Here’s an example.  Passive readers of this article, e.g. everyone on the toilet, will feel the comparative emphasis of the description of the mom and unconsciously assume it is relevant to the thesis.  You’re going to read “trim brunette” and infer  “put together mom” and then you’re going to try to figure out why the “put together mom” is having such trouble with the entropy machine her husband gave her.  Whatever conclusion you reach, the form of that conclusion will be, “the reason otherwise well put together moms are not happy is…”

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