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The Last Psychiatrist: This Is Why The American Dream Is Out Of Reach

Scott, a 24 year old dean’s list college grad, is smart but unemployed. According to the New York Times, in five months, only one job has given him an offer: $40k as an insurance claims adjuster…

A long time ago…  we were living in a time where there was no right and wrong, no objective truths, all things were relative except the inviolable Law of Growing Up American:  go to college, then get a job.  Your dad’s sole purpose was to make sure you followed that rule…

Not unusually, his parents themselves did not follow Scott’s path: his grandfather came out of the war and went to work for his father-in-law who had started a brokerage; and his Dad went to work with a friend who had just opened a factory.  These men were right at the start of businesses, they didn’t slide into middle management at Sterility Corp.  But after taking those chances that ultimately resulted in prosperity and blah blah blah, they taught their children to do the opposite…

BTW, for any women still reading this after three porn jokes: that’s exactly what he’s waiting for in a relationship…

They’re not better educated, they just have more degrees.  Were you smarter at 21 post college than your Dad was at 21?  And whatever the difference, was it worth the $50k-$200k he paid to get you it?   No, but every parent of a high school kid  I’ve talked to about this says the same thing: “I know, I know, but I just want her to get that piece of paper.”   So work this out in your head: either this parent is a solitary genius who is the sole possessor of the knowledge that the college degree is merely a brand and not a mark of knowledge; or every employer in the world already knows this.    So if we all agree the degree doesn’t mean anything close to what we are pretending it means, then what’s the point of piling on?  Isn’t this technically a Ponzi scheme?…

Where Scott is going wrong is not that he is holding out for a “better” job that isn’t there; he’s holding out for a job that shouldn’t be there.  We don’t need more corporate management guys.  The 1980s business schools created a market for those ideas (and graduates) and America quickly became a “management” country, at the expense of everything else.  What we need are more businesses.

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