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The Last Psychiatrist: Real Or Fake? (Fake.)

The primary motive for the media company (not the individual news outlet) is to draw in ad money and traffic.  So an unwatched show on CBS like the Miss Universe Pageant generates tons of money for CBS in other ways (e.g. Access Hollywood.  “You’ll never believe what happened!”  I didn’t think I cared what happened, but I guess I do?)

Same with the news.  The news can legitimize a story sufficiently to allow it to get play everywhere else on the network.   “CBS News is reporting that Mel Gibson…”  Or it can play in the reverse.  Rolling Stone magazine is expected to have the naked cast of True Blood on their cover, CBS News couldn’t get away with that.  Solution?  CBS News does a story about the Rolling Stone cover, which in turn legitimizes it further…

A more subtle example of this manipulation is the current controversy over the “Mosque at Ground Zero.”  This is manufactured controversy if there ever was one, but instead of being being manufactured by politicians for political purposes, it’s by media for the purposes of bringing in clicks…

The only thing that matters is keeping the controversy alive so that people go to the story.  Fox will tell you it’s at Ground Zero, CNN will be careful to mention that it’s only near Ground Zero, but anyone is free to use the controversy to bring in the clicks:

via The Last Psychiatrist: Real Or Fake? (Fake.).

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