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Book of Odds – An STD Called Divorce

A widely reported 2009 study found that divorce tends to spread within a social network “like a contagion.”…

1 in 1.92 people 15 or older is married (also the odds that a woman has a Facebook or MySpace account). Of those married folk, 1 in 50.65 will divorce in a year…

Divorce is infectious not only at one degree of removal, among your friends and relatives, but also at two degrees—among your friends’ friends and relatives.

Popular people, those with a wide network of friends, are less likely than the unpopular to get divorced. On the other end, McDermott et al. found that divorced people tend to be less popular.

Children don’t decrease a couple’s likelihood of divorcing, but they do decrease its chances of not being influenced by a social network to get a divorce.

If you think that having a hand in divorce rates is quite a reach for a social network to have, wait until you see what else is within its grasp. The study’s authors also find that “romantic and sexual practices as diverse as contraceptive use, sexual behaviors, and fertility decisions are all strongly influenced by…behaviors within one’s network.”

via Book of Odds – An STD Called Divorce.

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