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The Valve – A Literary Organ | Obama Gets His Report Card on Ed Policy

Despite 18 months of press love, yesterday’s Gallup/Phi Delta Kappa poll shows Americans completing a resoundingly negative report card on Obama’s education initiatives, with… numbers… significantly lower than his overall approval rating…

So far the main result of Obama and Duncan’s adventures in school reform is that now a startling 80 percent of respondents believe the federal government should play no role in school accountability…

Seventy-seven percent of public-school parents give an A or B to the school their oldest child attends, the highest such figure since Gallup first posed the question, in 1985.

However, respondents rate other schools in their area—the ones they only read press reports about—lower, or just over half favorably.

Most interestingly: Respondents rated public schools in the nation as a whole—schools they only know about from national corporate media—very poorly, with just 18 percent giving an A or a B…

Closer to home, I guess I’d like to see a few more of us start to question the objectivity of The New York Times and Washington Post, both corporations with increasingly large hopes that profits from their education ventures will prop up sagging journalism revenues. The Post, which owns Kaplan and shocked readers by blatantly pushing Kaplan’s legislative agenda in print and in person, is already an education corporation that owns a newspaper as a sideline.

via The Valve – A Literary Organ | Obama Gets His Report Card on Ed Policy.

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