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On Thomas J.J. Altizer « Cathedral Bells

While I am not offering an apologia for Altizer, I do find Altizer and his theology immensely interesting – fascinating even – though not something I could or would ever find theologically veridical…

Basically, Altizer is arguing that God actually died. That is, the phrase “God is dead” is not just a descriptor of man’s autonomy or some clarion call of anti-Christian atheim.  In an act that is the ultimate kenosis (Phil. 2:7-8), God becomes God (“the genesis of God,” as Altizer puts it) by negating his own objective existence in the divine self-annihilation that took place in Jesus Christ in and through the incarnation and death on the cross, thereby becoming imminently identical with humanity and also negating the transcendent and alien God who is in heaven. And, in the process, replacing all “no-saying” to existence with a “yes.” Altizer is christomonistic, seeing God as in Christ, completely and totally and without remainder.

[Sounds like the plot of a bracing film.  What would be the appropriate reaction if God’s existence were to end for your sake? -JR]

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