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The Last Psychiatrist: Refusing To Answer The Feds

Paul Lucaks wrote a post called, “I Am Detained By The Feds For Not Answering Questions”…:

“I was detained last night by federal authorities at San Francisco International Airport for refusing to answer questions about why I had traveled outside the United States.”…

The only way this form of protest is meaningful is if it is done in public.  In other words, the only reason for him to do this is so that he could tell us about it.

He thinks this is a battle between himself and the border patrol as representatives of the US Government…

Lukacs gets it wrong because he thinks he has disrupted the process by refusing to answer.  Wrongtanomo.  That is the process.  Just a slightly less-used branch on the Process Flowchart.  The room and chairs are there because the government assumes that people will exercise their rights and not answer.  The room is exactly the same as the line he was in at first, except for a different group of people.  The room is there to remind you that it costs you something to enforce your rights (time and aggravation) and costs them nothing to impose that cost on you…

Lukacs thinks he is fighting the government, and the government is fighting back.  In reality, the government doesn’t feel this fight at all.  Border agents do; I’m annoyed at him and I’m at home, I can imagine how they felt.  So they took what power they had, and used it…

Governments know this, this is the structure of power.  The more cops on the street maintaining order, the more likely the situation will decay into disorder as protesters confuse challenging the authority of the policymakers with challenging the power of the police. So they fight, and the media goes with the story that’s for you: unruly protestors clashing with police, pick a side, and thereby quietly removing from the story the real and legitimate political grievance that initiated the protest in the first place.

via The Last Psychiatrist: Refusing To Answer The Feds.

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