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The multicultural mirage – The Globe and Mail

The problems that multiculturalism aimed to solve were never really about cultural differences. They were about differences of identity. And the difficulties of cohabitation in modern so-called multicultural societies are really about people trying to live together while recognizing that their identities are wildly diverse…

Once you realize that identity, not culture, is at the root of much social discord, other things come into focus… In the U.S., black-white issues are largely about racism and its legacies. White racists don’t dislike black people because they eat chitterlings or sing too loud in church; if anything, they dislike chitterlings and loud cheerful services because they associate them with black people. It’s not black culture they look down on, it’s black people.

If cultural difference isn’t the heart of the problem, then teaching people to respect other cultures won’t be the solution. What will be? Creating an overlay of a common culture – a civic culture – where everyone recognizes that people are entitled to respect whatever their gender or sexuality, their race or religion, and wherever they came from…

Any functioning state has to be able to create citizens who grasp what makes a liberal democracy work. A concern for the dignity of all men and women is a part of this. And when some culturally enshrined custom or tradition can’t be squared with a concern for human dignity, so much the worse for “culture.”

via The multicultural mirage – The Globe and Mail.

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