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TheMoneyIllusion » Playing with fire

There has been a recent upswing in conservative articles discussing the idea of going back to some sort of gold standard.  I don’t think people realize how dangerous this idea is…

If you are not 100% committed to staying on gold, but instead hint you might devalue the dollar at some point, people will dump dollars and buy gold…

The real value of gold can change due to industrial demand shifts, even if there is no monetary hoarding of gold.  Furthermore, all countries are not likely to follow the US back on gold, so you might have monetary gold hoarding in Europe, as people feared for the euro.  Booming Asia might increase the industrial demand for gold, just as it has raised the demand for many other metals.

And there is little room for error.  A 10% increase or decrease in the real value of gold seems very small when it is just a commodity.  But under a gold standard that sort of shift can be accommodated only by changing the overall price level by 10%.  A sudden 10% rise or fall in the price level is very destabilizing to the economy.

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