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The Last Psychiatrist: 3 Important Things About The New Wikileaks Controversy

“Climategate is an interesting case [says the interviewer].  What’s the intent that you had when you leaked the Climategate e-mails?”…

“If you believed that we had a climate problem, that man was contributing to rising greenhouse gases — I don’t know, do you believe that’s a reality?”…

That’s the difference between Wikileaks and the regular press.  For the reporter, climate change is not a scientific question, or else it wouldn’t matter what cables get released.  It’s a political one, in which competing narratives are bolstered by circumstantial evidence and appeals to authority and control of the debate.

Assange picks up on this and replies:

“I do not think anyone working outside of climate science understands whether that is true or not, because people simply do not understand all the complexities. Rather, instead we look to see who is the most critical voice. What are the motivations behind those people?”

Assange just dropped a truth bomb about science, evolution, psychiatry, energy policy, economics, etc: since most people have, at best, a college level understanding of the science but not nearly enough to appraise it themselves, the debate about science is really a political debate– no, a religious debate–  adorned with the trappings of  “measurements” and “data.”  

I would have preferred we try to “elevate the debate” and talk about primary sources; but he seems to think that won’t work on the public.  So Assange will use intent as a proxy for truth, the closest approximation in the absence of really understanding what’s going on.

The reporter thinks that intent is the only thing that matters.

via The Last Psychiatrist: 3 Important Things About The New Wikileaks Controversy.

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